About Us

When Tonae was a little girl, she’d watch her uncle do hair. She grew a passion for it and would watch him for hours. From when he opened until he closed. At age 12 put her in his salon and allowed her to work and learn while earning pay. He taught her everything he knew. She watched him work long hard day and nights, sometimes they wouldn’t get home until 3-4 in the morning. They went from their grandmas dining room to his very own salon.

Tonae has been doing hair ever since. she has since completed cosmetology school in 2019. She opened her very own private salon Pretty Gurl Hair Studio that very same year.

Pretty Gurl Hair is expanding to give everyone the Pretty Gurl Salon experience. By creating ready-made, and custom-made units that’s available to everyone! We
use nothing but the best vendors to provide the best quality and longevity for our units. Buying a custom unit is an investment. They last for 4+ years when
properly taken care of, which could save you $1000’s of dollars a year in salon costs!

Thank you for trusting us with your most prized possession! Your crown!